What Each Woman’s Best Asset Is (And Their Worst) In A Relationship, Based On Astrology

16. Sagittarius Best: You Feel No Need To Change Who He Is


This trait is incredibly important to possess in any relationship. Since you know exactly who you are, you feel no need what so ever to try to change who your partner is. You’re completely in love with them and adore every part of their personality, including their flaws.

People could only dream about being with someone as open and understanding as you.

Your partner definitely values this trait as it lets them feel like they also know who they are. The outlook on your partner is vibrating positive energy throughout your relationship! You should be incredibly proud that you’re able to love someone for who they really are.

15. Sagittarius Worst: You Rely On Your Emotions Rather Than Logic


You can’t stand it that you sometimes get completely overwhelmed by your emotions and fall into the trap of creating fights. While you might be incredibly open to who your partner really is, you often still find yourself getting filled by the emotions you feel, causing issues.

No one wants to date someone who snaps because of his or her feelings, ignoring all logical sense what so ever.

It’s time that you understand that you can’t keep basing your opinions on whatever you’re feeling. You have to be reasonable and use common sense whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation with your man.

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