What Each Woman’s Best Asset Is (And Their Worst) In A Relationship, Based On Astrology

18. Pisces Best: You’re Always Trying To Look Your Best


As a Pisces, you’re fundamentally ingrained to always try to look and act your best. Your partners definitely appreciate it as you always look like a million dollars. You believe that it’s critical to try to look your best and you couldn’t be prouder of the constant dedication you put into your appearance.

Keep up this good work as your appearance is helping boost your confidence.

You feel like you can achieve anything when you look your best, and it arises a positive energy within you! Your partner definitely loves this attitude as it makes you come off more confident than ever!

17. Pisces Worst: You’re Obsessing Over His Every Move


Since you’re such a perfectionist, you demand the exact same levels of success from your partner. This can get a tad overwhelming as not everyone can be as great as you. While you try to pretend that you understand this, you still have crazy standards that you want your man to always reach.

This causes you to not only obsess over what you’re doing but also your partner’s every move.

No one wants to be constantly watched and analyze the way that you do. Every time your partner messes up, you’re always there to let them know that they’re not doing things the way they’re supposed to. We’re here to tell you that this is completely unhealthy and that you’re doing this all wrong.

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