What Each Woman’s Best Asset Is (And Their Worst) In A Relationship, Based On Astrology

24. Scorpio Best: You Are Always Willing To Forgive And Forget


You’re not about holding onto any negative energy what so ever, making you the absolute queen at forgiving and forgetting. You more than anyone knows how important it is to let go of negative energy unless you want it to control your life.

Even if you find your partner doing something wrong, you’re ready to resolve the conflict and forget about.

It’s absolutely critical to make sure that issues don’t eat away at you and instead you grow from them. We wish everyone had this awesome asset that you have! This is definitely going to be one of the key elements that keep your relationships strong through anything that happens!

23. Scorpio Worst: Let’s Just Say You Can Get A Little Crazy


We’re not exactly sure how to put this nicely, but we know you’re completely aware of it. You often find yourself getting a little crazy in your relationships and making a huge deal out of nothing. Whether it’s something your man said, did, or maybe even thought, you’ll blow the issue way out of proportion.

Let’s just say you’re lucky that you easily forgive and forget since you often find yourself going crazy over minor things.

You have to learn how to hold yourself together when issues come up, rather than exploding in this way that you commonly do. We all know that you’re so much better than this and shouldn’t be acting in this extra manner.

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