What Each Woman’s Best Asset Is (And Their Worst) In A Relationship, Based On Astrology

2. Cancer Best: You’re Not Seeking Attention From Him


Cancer women may be the only women on the planet who don’t seek attention from their partners. They understand that they’re stronger than that and don’t need constant verification of their love. That’s why we love that you’ve been gifted with this wonderful asset to not constantly annoying your man for attention.

You’ve come completely to terms with who you are and don’t need your partner to tell you how great you are.

Instead, you’re able to give your man space and not bug him 24/7. This is one of your greatest assets as it keeps your relationship healthy and prospering!

1. Cancer Worst: You Hold Endless Contempt Instead Of Saying How You Feel


While you aren’t exactly seeking constant attention from your man, you are still passive aggressive over past conflicts. Instead of telling them how you truly feel on a matter, you bottle up your emotions and keep them inside. Then, you find yourself having a ton of contempt for your man just because you didn’t resolve the issue.

This is completely unhealthy and will eventually drive you insane.

Also, your partner has no clue what’s going on since you haven’t expressed yourself. Its time you let them know how you actually feel and work on whatever issues are standing in-between the two of you.

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