What Each Woman’s Best Asset Is (And Their Worst) In A Relationship, Based On Astrology

6. Gemini Best: Always Working Towards A Power Balance


As a Gemini, you’re used to always being in control of your life. Yet, in a relationship, you’re always ready to make sure there is an equal power dynamic between you and your man. We completely applaud you for this as a ton of relationships has an uneven balance of power.

You have no desire to overpower your man and are always making sure they have as much say as you.

We wish everyone had the asset you have. Make sure to carry it with you into any relationship you find yourself in! It’ll be the secret to making sure you finally make your relationship last with that special someone.

5. Gemini Worst: You’re Constantly Putting Pressure On Your Partner

While you might always be working to make sure you and your partner are equals, you’re definitely at fault for something different. Since you demand that your partner has as much power as you, you also expect them to be putting in as much effort as you. However, that often creates the issue of you putting a ton of extra pressure on your partner than they want.

You have to take the time and overcome this flaw or else you’ll see your man hitting the door. The last thing anyone wants is to feel stressed in their relationship that they’re not doing as much as they should.

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