EXCLUSIVE REVIEW!! Sridevi Plastic Surgeries Before She Dies Aged 54

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A shocking news comes from Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor, she reportedly died after suffering a heart attack in Dubai while attending her nephew’s wedding in the emirate late Saturday night.

Sridevi plastic surgery botox
Sridevi plastic surgery botox

The shocking news of Sridevi death certainly leaves many stories behind. One of them is about plastic surgery that she once lived. What kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have?

For some people it may be unethical to discuss the plastic surgery of a deceased person, but not a few of the fans are still wondering about Sridevi plastic surgeires. On this basis, we will try to review in detail what procedures she has obtained during her lifetime.

According to data from reliable sources, Sridevi’s surgical procedures include nose job, botox, lip injection, and breast augmentation surgery.

Sridevi Nose Job

There are a lot of debates regarding to the result of Sridevi nose job. Some say that this surgery procedures really worked for her and completely enhanced her look.

Sridevi Nose Job
Sridevi Nose Job

However, not a few of the viewers claim that Boney Kapoor first wife had felt the need to go under the knife at one point in her career… and she had evidently made the wrong choice of surgeon. Result? A rhinoplasty or nose job that was meant to improve the shape of her nose, giving it a more tapered or pointier look, but which ended up producing an artificial pinched appearance with deflated sides, which let the world know that this was a case of rhinoplasty gone wrong.

How does Sridevi nose look before and after rhinoplasty? See the picture below!

Sridevi Nose Job Before and After
Sridevi Nose Job Before and After

What do you think? Do you agree that Sridevi nose shape getting worse after being under knife?

Sridevi and Lips Injection

Another plastic surgery procedure that she possibly had is lips injection. Instead of getting sexy lips shape, Sridevi’s lips look horrible. How does her lips look before and after lips surgery? See the following picture comparison!

Sridevi Lips Injection Before and After
Sridevi Lips Injection Before and After

You can see that in the recent picture Sridevi lips look fuller pout. Personally, her lips in any before picture looks better than the recent one. Nonetheless, we cannot say that Sridevi lips injection gone wrong, you can decide by yourself!

Sridevi and Botox Injection

Besides nose job and lips injection, she was also rumored to have had Botox injection. The rumors are based on Sridevi face skin which still looks tight and smooth without wrinkles in 54s age.

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However, after comparing Sridevi’s face before and after surgery, some people see that her facial skin looks unnatural and even weird.

Sridevi Surgeries Before and After
Sridevi Surgeries Before and After

Quoted from indiatimes.com, after getting botox injection Sridevi looked really ugly with that baby fat on her face and not-so-groomed looks. This leads people speculate that she has supposedly undergone so many cosmetic surgeries that she looks horrible in most of her pictures.

Sridevi and Boob Job

Last but not least, she was also reported having boob job done. This rumor began spreading after some fans taken her picture in which Sridevi breasts size looks twice bigger and fuller than she used to.

Sridevi Surgeries Boob Job
Sridevi Boob Job Before and After

Since then, her fans try to compare the old pictures of Sridevi with the recent ones. The result shows that her breast size does look much different than previous years breast size.

Did Sridevi admit all the procedures alleged above? In an exclusive interview, she strongly denied all the procedures.

“No, I haven’t. I want to tell these people that instead of whining and criticising, why don’t you move out of your comfort zone, zip your mouth and slog it out? Then let’s talk! There will be a visible change not just in your appearance, but also in your attitude. But if you’re a lazy bum, hooked to TV, and cannot give up your food because you know you can undergo cosmetic surgery, you’re damned!”

“It doesn’t work like that. Anything that is plastic melts in no time. You have to understand that there’s a regime for everything and you benefit by associating yourself with it. To look and feel good, you have to slog it out.”

“I lead a systematic life. I am health conscious, I do power yoga, play tennis four days a week, control my diet and resist junk food, fried stuff and sweets, even though I have a sweet tooth. And most importantly, I don’t sweat the small stuff (laughs). All these bring a change in the appearance.”

Whatever Sridevi does during her life, including Sridevi surgeries, is 100% her personal right. And now, she’s dead, let her rest in peace.

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