Paige WWE Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Paige (complete name Saraya-Jade Bevis), 25 years old is an English professional wrestler and actress currently signed to WWE. She is a two-time Divas Champion and was the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion in WWE’s developmental branch NXT, holding both championships concurrently at one occasion.

Paige Wwe Plastic Surgery
Paige Wwe Plastic Surgery

The recent news say that she was reported having some procedures of plastic surgery done to her face. The news of WWE Paige plastic surgery began stealing a lot of attention after her dad took to Facebook to blast the company for failing his daughter’s medical concerns, reports surfaced that the WWE’s doctors didn’t believe Paige really needed surgery and that they might not pay for it.

In a tweet that Paige sent out on Wednesday, it looks like she didn’t care too much about what the WWE believed. Paige is reportedly undergoing surgery today to repair a herniated disc in her neck that has been causing neck and upper body pain.

However, some viewers see that Paige does not seem to have only surgery to repair a herniated disc in her neck, but she could have some work done on her nose, lips, and breast as well.

Did Paige Have Plastic Surgery?

One of the most common ways and becomes first step to know whether or not celebrities had a plastic surgery is by comparing their old photos with the recent ones. And, we have collected some pictures of Paige WWW before and after plastic surgery, so let’s start this review by comparing the following pictures.

Paige WWE Lip Injections

Paige WWE Lips Injection Before and After
Paige WWE Lips Injection Before and After

If you pay attention to the picture comparison above, it is not difficult to see there is something new of Paige wwe face. What is that? Yes, her lips. You can see in the recent photo, Paige WWE lips now look fuller than before. It can be indication that the rumors of she has had lips filler injection.

Saraya Jade Bevis Plastic Surgery Nose

Paige Wwe Plastic Surgery Nose
Paige Wwe Plastic Surgery Nose

The other procedure of Paige WWE cosmetic surgery is a nose job. From the picture comparison above, we can see that the shape of her nose looks a little bit different. Look at the recent pictures! Paige nose has turned into slimmer and thinner than in any before photos, indicating a nose job.

Paige Wwe Plastic Surgery Breast Job
Paige Wwe Plastic Surgery Breast Job

Besides lips injection and boob job, Saraya-Jade Bevis possibly had a boob job (breast implants) as well. This allegation can be proven from Paige breasts size. Some people see that in the recent pictures, her boobs look a little bit bigger and fuller than in any before pictures which look flat.

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The rumors of Paige Wwe boob job of course reaps a lot of disputes among the fans. Some say that it could be the effect of using push up bra. However, not a few of viewers believe that she did have it done.

What do you think about the rumors of Paige wwe plastic surgery? Do you believe the 25-year-old wrestler have had cosmetic surgery procedures done? Leave your comment!

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  1. Paige definately underwent several cosmetic/plastic surgeries and totally disimproved the beauty she has ever had!
    I hope there will be someone making her stop going on monstering herself finally!

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