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Everyone may have been familiar with The Modern Family star Julie Bowen, she has been long making headlines relating to the rumors of plastic surgery. She reportedly had undergone some procedures of cosmetic surgery done on her face, eyes, nose, lips, and breast. How did she look before and after plastic surgery? Let’s see the pictures below!

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Before we talk further about Julie Bowen cosmetic surgery procedures, let’s started it by comparing before and after pictures below!

Julie Bowen Face Before and After
Julie Bowen Face Before and After
Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After
Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After

What do you think? Did Julie Bowen have plastic surgery? Judging from the pictures comparison above and supported by some data from several sources, Julie Bowen face does still look ageless and flawless. We cannot see wrinkles around her forehead and eyes, whereas she is already 47 years old. This may be as the result of cosmetic surgery. Let’s take a look closer to the part of her face, nose, lips and breasts that are suspected to have been improved through plastic surgery.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Face

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Face
Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Face

Looking at Julie Bowen face which still looks great for her age, it seems to be true that she had Botox injection on her forehead. Look at the skin around her forehead, it still appears tight and smooth without visible frown lines.

Nose Job

The other procedure that she may have is a nose job (rhinoplasty). This allegation can be seen from the latest shape of her nose which looks slimmer and more pointed at the tip.

Julie Bowen Nose Job Before and After
Julie Bowen Nose Job Before and After

If you pay attention carefully to Julie Bowen nose before and after plastic surgery nose, you can easily see that her nostrils no longer flair in their own characteristic way during her smiles. Her nose is now smaller and completely straight with little nostril flaring. This procedure has caused the most difference in Julie Bowen’s face, along with the smoothing of wrinkles with Botox.

Eyelid Surgery

Besides Botox and nose job procedures, the Happy Gilmore star was also rumored to have eyelid surgery to remove the excessive skin around her eyes to give her fresh eyes look.

Lips Injection

Another surgical procedure is lips injection. This allegation is based on the shape of Julia Bowen’s lips that are now thicker than she used to.  The new shape of her lips can add more sexy impression to her appearance.

Boob Job

Julie Bowen recent plastic surgery is a boob job. This can be seen from the shape of her breast which now looks fuller and bigger than before.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Breast
Julie Bowen Boob Job Before and After

On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn says, ” By the look of this photo, it appears definitely possible…. If she has implants, they do fit her body well and are not excessively large.”

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Julie Bowen definitely looks like she had a Breast augmentation revealed by the wide gap between her cleavage. It is important in achieving the most natural look with a breast augmentation to choose an implant that fits the width of the patient’s chest. An implant that is too small can create a look such as this and does not look very natural. Also, she is extremely thin and doesn’t have much tissue to cover the implants making it hard to disguise her plastic surgery.”

If Julie did get implants, they aren’t freakshow large and look fairly natural, other than their very round shape. Most likely, her implants are silicone from implant makers Mentor or Natrelle.


The rumors of Julie Bowen plastic surgery may still unconfirmed. But, comparing before and after photos above, it is very clear that her beauty transformation is unnatural, especially the nose and her breast.

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