Jamie Chua Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Who Is Jamie Chua?

Jamie Chua is best known as a rich socialite and the queen of Instagram in Singapore with more than 550,000 followers. Like many other celebrities, through her personal Instagram account “ec24m” she often shares a glimpse of her picture-perfect life, from the branded goods she owns to her jet setting lifestyle.

It has to be noted that before she gains popularity as celebrity Instagram, she was an air stewardess of Singapore Airlines. After being famous, her life turned 180 degrees.

Although she is already 40 years old, Jamie Chua always looks stunning, beautiful and youthful. This may be the reason why  many of her followers begin to doubt the naturalness of her appearance. Some believe that she could have some cosmetic surgery procedures to keep her youthful look.

Did Jamie Chua Have a Plastic Surgery?

Jamie Chua before Plastic Surgery

It is hard to determine whether or not she has undergone a plastic surgery because we could not find the pictures of Jamie Chua before plastic surgery. But, looking at her ageless look, some viewers seem to believe that Jamie Chua has had some works done to her face.

Jamie Chua Plastic Surgery Photo

If we compare Jamie Chua’s youthful look with other women in her age, she looks much different. Her face does not show any aging signs like other women in her age do. On this basis, we suspect she has at least undergone a mini face lift surgery combined with a botok injection and skin laser treatment to remove the signs of aging such as wrinkles and crow’s feet on her forehead.

Jamie Chua Surgery
Jamie Chua is getting a complete new set of eyebrows

Look at her face skin and the skin around her eyelids! It still appears smooth and tight without wrinkles and hanging eyes bags. She might have routine workout to keep her body healthy, but it does not guarantee to eliminate the aging signs on her face.

What do you think of Jamie Chua plastic surgery rumor? Do you believe that she had undergone some procedures of cosmetic surgery? Leave your comments!

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