Incredible Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Transformations

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Did Meg Ryan Have Plastic Surgery?

Meg Ryan is best known as an American director, producer, and film actress most famous to audiences for appearing as the female lead in ’90s romantic comedies. The 56 years old actresses has twice been nominated for Golden Globe Awards.

A lot of viewers wonder what happened to her face. Yikes, The pretty star now looks much different and almost unrecognizable. Her face looks like swollen while her lips look like duck. Did she get a plastic surgery gone wrong?

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo
Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

A plastic surgeon Mark Youssef from Younique Cosmetic Surgery told that she definitely had some works done to her face.

Cheeks Implants and Lips Filler Injection

Dr. Mark Youssef noticed that Meg Ryan lips and cheeks now look too full and too large. This might be caused by too much filler injection.

“The most obvious thing that she’s had done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek,” he said. “It’s definitely too much because the apple of her cheek is too full and too large. When she smiles, all of that filler moves up and makes her eyes look smaller. The reason she looks masculine is because of the placement of the volume in her cheeks. The volume of the filler should have been placed more laterally to give her a softer look.”

Botox and Facelift

Meg Ryan Facelift
Meg Ryan Facelift and Botox

The other procedure of cosmetic surgery she had is facelift combined with Botox injection. This rumor is based on her face skin which looks free-wrinkles and smooth though she is already 56 years old.

Look at her forehead! It looks too smooth without any frown lines. The using of Botox injection on her forehead has made her eyes look smaller because it drops the position of the eyebrow.

Meg Ryan Before and After Plastic Surgery
Meg Ryan Before and After Plastic Surgery

Meanwhile, the sign of Meg Ryan facelift can be seen on the shape of her face which looks drastically changed. The other sign can be seen from the texture of her face. It looks like she could have had some sort of laser skin resurfacing procedure as well.