Gladys Knight Plastic Surgery: Fact or Rumor?

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Did Gladys Knight Have Plastic Surgery?

A lot of people are now talking about the rumors of Gladys Knight plastic surgery. The rumors began spreading after some people spotted her in the Grammy awards with new face. See the pictures below!

Gladys Knight Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gladys Knight Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Previously, nobody ever thought that she would go under the knife to have enhancements for her face.


However, after looking at Gladys Knight’s new face, they see that her new face really looks like as the result of cosmetic surgery.

Gladys Knight Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
Gladys Knight Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

What procedure did she have? We don’t know exactly what works she had. But, looking from the face we would say she’s had a facelift. Her new surgically enhanced face is smooth, wrinkle-free and those under-eye bags she used to carry around with her are long gone! You can practically see her beaming from the inside.

What do you think about Glady Knight’s plastic surgery?

9 thoughts on “Gladys Knight Plastic Surgery: Fact or Rumor?

  1. miss .Gladys looks amazing .Go way the haters . she looks better then some 40 year old women nowa days. You go Miss. Knight!

  2. We just saw her concert tonight in Miami. It was instant! I saw a gleaming Gladys on stage, Stunning! I was in the middle second row from the stage (Awesome Seats thanks to my Baby). She looks slimmer and less busty on top. Her face was beautiful, not over made up. I noticed that for a woman age 73 she looked better than some women in their 40’s. I saw a more slender or more defined nose. Not one that looked chiseled with make-up. Possibly some cheek filler? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your Best! Overall, Very classy and sophisticated that went along well with her humorous , Motown funky self. I loved her before ever watching her on stage, but more so now. Gladys is so loved here in Miami. Her words of Love, Peace, and Faith made me feel like I had a purpose seeing her tonight. I felt so inspired. Her message to all of US.
    Let’s Love one another, we are ALL Brothers and Sisters through Christ. Lets NOT forget where we came from, or who our Father is in heaven that loves each and everyone of us as we are!
    We are all loved, Gladys made sure we felt her LOVE tonight. From her Angelic Voice, inspiring wisdom and unconditional love. All of it made out to be the best night ever.
    Thank you for a wonderful evening Gladys Knight & Talented Team.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      We all loved Gladys. Whatever she did to her face, Gladys’ wonderful and youthful appearance really inspires us to always keep our look. Age may be old, but the spirit must remain young.

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