Gianna Michaels Breast Reduction: Fact or Rumor

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The rumor of Gianna Michaels breast reduction has been long stealing public attention. This rumor began spreading after some her fans saw her recent pictures on Instagram. They saw that Gianna Michaels boobs look smaller than she used to.

Gianna Michaels breast reduction photos

Has Gianna Michaels Had Breast Reduction?

Before answering whether or not she has had breast reduction, let’s see first at the picture comparison below!

Gianna Michaels Breast Reduction Before and After Photos
Gianna Michaels Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

What do you think? Gianna Michaels breast size looks smaller, doesn’t it? Do you believe she had undergone a breast reduction?

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When the 34-year-old model was asked whether she underwent a plastic surgery or not, she strongly denied it and told that her recent small breast size was due to regular workout.

In short, Gianna Michaels has officially denied the rumors, it means she is free from breast reduction rumors. Personally, we love her recent beauty transformation with normal breast size.

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