Fergie Before Plastic Surgery Pictures

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Fergie plastic surgery has been long stealing public attention. She reportedly had undergone some cosmetic surgery procedures such as nose job, cheek implants, lips injection, and breast implants or breast augmentation to improve her sexy image.

Fergie plastic surgery pictures
Fergie plastic surgery pictures

How is Fergie Before and After Plastic Surgery?

Some may have seen the recent pictures of Fergie after plastic surgery, but not a few of the viewers are still curious about her appearance before plastic surgery. Here are some pictures taken before she had a cosmetic surgery.

Fergie Before Plastic Surgery Photos

Fergie Before plastic surgery pictures
Fergie Before plastic surgery pictures

She looked natural, didn’t she? Now, compare to the recent pictures of Fergie after getting some procedures of cosmetic surgery.

Fergie After Plastic Surgery Photos

Fergie after plastic surgery pictures
Fergie after plastic surgery pictures

She looks much different, doesn’t she?

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In an exclusive interview she was asked by some magazine volunteers regarding to her dramatic transformation, she openly admitted that she had undergone a plastic surgery.

“I did two major drastic things, which is hair to the side — it was the first time — and the big neon lip. I wanted to try something different, and all of a sudden it was this big backlash. People were saying ‘It’s a fake Fergie. I heard about some ridiculous amount of money that I spent on my face, which I think is absolutely insane,” she told the publication.”

What do you think of Fergie’s appearance before and after plastic surgery? Which one is your favorite? Leave your comment!

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