Did Carole King Have a Plastic Surgery?

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An American composer and singer-songwriter Carole King, 76 years old, is recently making headline in several magazines. She reportedly had undergone a plastic surgery because her appearance looks too great for her 76’s age. Do you believe that she has some work done to her face?

Carole King Plastic Surgery

Carole King Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

One of the most common ways done to know whether celebrities have cosmetic surgery procedures or not is by comparing before and after pictures. So, let’s start this review by comparing the pictures of Carole King before and after plastic surgery below.

Carole King Plastic Surgery Before and After
Carole King Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we look at Carole King before and after pictures above, we see that her face still looks natural without any surgical procedures done. There are wrinkles on her forehead and some excessive skin around her eyelids. If she really had some works done to her face, Carole King’s face skin will appear tight and smooth without wrinkles like what we can see on Gladys Knight face.


What do you think of Carole King plastic surgery rumors? Did she really look like having cosmetic surgery? Leave your comment!

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