Did Blake Lively Get A Nose Job? Plastic Surgeons Say Yes….

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Blake Lively Before Nose Job

Everyone almost agree that Blake Lively has gained a very successful acting career since she turned 11 years old, when she first appeared in the film “Sandman,”. However, there some debates whether or not she had undergone a plastic surgery particularly nose job procedure.

Blake Lively Before And After Nose Job

Blake Lively Before And After Nose Job
Blake Lively Before And After Nose Job

Judging by before and after pictures, Blake Lively’s nose now look slimmer and more pointed at the tip than previous years. This may be due to the nasal tip has been narrowed or reduced through rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Paul Nassif who has not performed Blake Lively nose job said, “Comparing the two photos of this young lady, it does appear that Blake Lively’s nasal tip has been narrowed. From this oblique view of her nose, it does appear that her nasal profile is slimmer and her tip doesn’t hang so much. Her tip appears much improved and more aesthetically appealing to match her face.”

Did Blake Lively Get A Nose Job

In addition, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn also comments, “I agree that it appears that her nose is thinner and fits her face much better. She looks great. The surgeon did a nice job.”

What do you think of Blake Lively nose job? Which one is your favorite “before and after nose job”?

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