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The news of Charo plastic surgery has been long stealing public attention. There are a lot of viewers are still wondering about the exactly procedures of her cosmetic surgery. Here, we will review in detail each procedures of plastic surgery that she has had, so that her appearance can look a little horrible.

Well, before we look closer to Charo plastic surgery procedures, let’s see first the picture comparisons below to know what surgical procedures she exactly has had. Check them out!

Charo Singer Plastic Surgery Lists

Charo (complete name María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza), 67 years old, is a Spanish-American actress. She is best known for her flamboyant stage presence and her provocative outfits. She reportedly had undergone plastic surgery procedures done to her face and breasts.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston says, “In my opinion Charo has had a facelift, injectable fillers, blepharoplasty, nose job, breast augmentation and lip injections. She has worked hard to maintain a provocative appearance.”

Charo Bad Plastic Surgery Before and After
Charo Bad Plastic Surgery Before and After

Charo and Injectable Fillers

If you are searching the examples of bad plastic surgery, Charo plastic surgery is definitely at the top. She reportedly had undergone a series of facial filler injections, like Restylane and Juvederm, and chemical peels, so that her face looks ridiculously tight, especially near the eyes and forehead.

She probably also spends a lot of time eating well and exercising to stay in shape for her flamboyant outfits and onstage costumes.

Charo Facelift

Another cosmetic surgery procedures that Charo probably had is facelift. This procedure seemed to have successfully helped her to smooth and remove the aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin around her face. She was also rumored to have had undergone a Blepharoplasty to elevate the hanging eyes bag around her eyelids, so that her eyes can look much more “open” and fresh.

Charo Lip Injections

Besides facial filler injections and facelift surgery, Charo seems to have been addicted to collagen injections as shown by her plump and pouty lips. Unfortunately, she seemed to go overboard with this lip injection. You can see by yourself at her lips now.

Charo Before and After Nose Job

Charo Before and After Nose Job
Charo Before and After Nose Job

According to Dr. Norman Rowe, who hasn’t treated Charo plastic surgery, “she has had a rhinoplasty or two (or more) over the years, This is evident by the fact that in her most recent photographs, her nose, especially the tip, appears to be small or in plastic surgical terms ‘pinched.’ This is usually due to over resection of the nose.”


Charo Breast Implants

Charo Breast Implants Before and After
Charo Breast Implants Before and After

The new size of Charo’s breasts, which looks bigger and fuller than before, indicates that she could have undergone breast implants or breast augmentation surgery.

The rumors of Charo breast implants have always been a hot topic of discussion. In her 67 age, her breast still appears awesome.

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