Alyssa Milano Boob Job Before and After Photo

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The rumors of Alyssa Milano underwent a boob job or breast augmentation surgery have been long stealing public attention. Those rumors began spreading after some people spotlighted her with new breast size which looks bigger and fuller than before.

Alyssa Milano Breast Implants
Alyssa Milano Breast Implants

Did Alyssa Milano Get a Boob Job?

Some may argue that it is simply a case of being a late bloomer (indeed, some celebrities do not come into their figures until very late in their teens or even in their early twenties). However, not a few of viewers are also convinced that Alyssa has undergone a breast implants in order to get better and bigger breasts. Did Alyssa Milano have a boob job? Let’s see the pictures comparison below!

Alyssa Milano Boob Job Before and After
Alyssa Milano Boob Job Before and After

Judging by before and after pictures above, Alyssa Milano breasts do look fake because the change is unnatural. Her boobs now look twice bigger than she used to. And, this is what makes some people believe that she has indeed undergone breast job.

When the rumors were asked to Alyssa Milano, she strongly denied if she had been under knife to add the volume of her breast. She told that her breasts were natural without implants.

What do you think about the transformation of Alyssa Milano breast size? Do her breasts look natural? Leave your comment!

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