Adele Nose Job Before and After, Exclusive Review By Plastic Surgeon

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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins or better known with stage name Adele, 29 years old, is lately talked by a lot of viewers. This is not related to her new album, but it is all due to the rumors of plastic surgery, particularly nose job.

Adele Nose Job 2015

The rumors of Adele nose job began spreading after some spotlighted her new appearance and then compare to her appearance to the old one before she gained the fame. The result, they see that there is something new on Adele nose.

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Looking at the new shape of Adele nose, they began speculated that the 25-year-old singer had undergone a nose job. However, the truth of this rumor still remains unconfirmed because she herself has never released any official statement whether she underwent a plastic surgery or not.

Has Adele Had a Nose Job?

Before we answer whether Adele get a nose job or not, let’s start this review by comparing before and after photos below!

Adele Before and After Nose Job
Adele Before and After Nose Job
Adele Nose Job Before and After Pictures
Adele Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Can you see the different? Do you believe she has undergone a rhinoplasty?

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Judging by before and after photos, Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon Renato Calabria sees that the tip of Adele’s nose is definitely more defined, which would suggest that she had a tip rhinoplasty.

“Adele Nose Job consists of reshaping the lower cartllages of the nose by reducing their width and repositioning them with carefully placed sutures to give more definition. This can all be done trough a tiny incision at the base of the nose in a minimally invasive fashion to limit swelling and bruising.”

In addition, Triple Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Ramtin Kassir agrees that Adele nose identically the result of nose job,

“It does indeed look as if Adele has had a rhinoplasty. The entire nose looks smaller, the tip is more sculpted and less droopy, and the overall form of the nose flows more smoothly.”

In short, with or without Adele’s admission a lot of viewers and plastic surgeons believe that the Grammy Award winner has had a nose job.

What do you think about Adele’s nose transformation? Which one is your favorite “Adele before nose job or the after one“? Leave your comment and feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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