16 Long-Lasting Foundations That Actually Last All Day & 5 That Didn’t

19. Lasts All Day: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

This foundation promises a full coverage whilst feeling completely weightless. It also has anti-aging benefits and is recommended for skin problems such as acne and rosacea. Its cost? A little more than $30.

Many (including makeup artists and gurus) have found this product to be great and extremely long-lasting but, according to others, it really depends on your skin type. For instance, this is what Sinéad from ‘The Beautiful Truth’ had to say about this product:

“Do I think this is a bad foundation? Absolutely not. In fact, I feel that this has the potential to be a really beautiful foundation, but only on the right skin type.”

“What skin type it suits is hard to say because it seems to act differently for everyone. What I will say though, is it is worth going into Brown Thomas and asking for a sample because there is a good chance that this could be a holy grail for you as it has been for others I have spoken to.”

Definitely worth (at least) a try!

18. Doesn’t Last: Mark Face Xpert Flawless Touch Makeup

Probably the biggest flaw this foundation has – and the thing that usually gets most complaints from consumers – is the packaging. While it might look cool at first sight, it shows to be incredibly bulky and tricky later on when you start using it.

The applicator, in particular, seems to be doing the whole product wrong – as using it directly on your skin contaminates the liquid foundation, and could make it go bad faster than a pump applicator or a squeeze tube would.

“SO frustrating!!!! I’ve had this sitting in my foundation drawer for weeks and I keep wanting to try it but can’t! The applicator is SO stupid, you can’t get anything out. I tried using needle-nose pliers to get the stupid white liner out but it wouldn’t budge. It was only 10 bucks, but it was 10 bucks WASTED!” – crazykewl

The color selection is also subpar, making it hard to match skin color to the swatches in the catalog.

“This sucks! It doesn’t cover anything even after 4 layers. I love the pressed powder which is comparable to mac’s studio fix powder foundation…”

…but the foundation color was a little too light. And what is up with the stupid packaging? I hate this.” – Rkhan715

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