15 Sure Signs He’s A Giver And 10 That Show He’s A Toxic Taker

12. Giver: He’s Affectionate

Since the Giver is open about his feelings, generous with his good deeds, and likes to make you feel special, he tends to be an affectionate person in the dating scene. So, he’ll hold your hand and give you a kiss on the forehead, for instance. He loves to make physical contact with you because it’s a way for him to show his love. Being affectionate is more than just having physical contact with someone, though – anyone can do that. What’s underlying the Giver’s affection is his warm personality. When he touches you, you feel like he’s really showing his love because his physical touch means more than just a physical thing.

In the book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, there’s information about the five different ways in which people express their love. One of these is Physical Touch. As described on She Knows, everyday physical connections, such as holding hands or kissing, are appreciated by a person who communicates their love through touch. It makes them feel safe and loved. You can spot a Giver by how he communicates through touch because it doesn’t just make him feel good – it makes you feel appreciated and fuzzy inside. When he touches you, he’s doing it to show love, not just take it from you.

11. Giver: He’s Ready To Invest In The Relationship

There’s nothing worse than dating someone and not knowing if they want to make the relationship official or not. In fact, according to a Google Consumer Survey that was conducted by Mic, the most common time when people who were dating had the relationship talk about exclusivity was less than four weeks. But sometimes this can take much longer, which leads to feelings of uncertainty and confusion. You know that you’re dating a Giver by how he’s willing to have the relationship talk and define the relationship early on.

Although he might take his time to get to know you, he’s open about his feelings so he won’t leave you hanging in relationship purgatory.

People who hold back from having The Talk or seem to want to waste your time with casual dating are more focused on their own selfish needs and what they can get out of the relationship – they’re definitely not Givers! A Giver will be clear about his intentions and that he wants to date you exclusively. He’ll also make the relationship official. This is especially the case if he knows how important it is to you to define the relationship and enter into an official, committed one.

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