15 Sure Signs He’s A Giver And 10 That Show He’s A Toxic Taker

21. Giver: He Thanks You For The Great Date Afterwards

You can spot if a guy’s a Giver by how he behaves – not just on dates with you but afterward. Because a Giver gives of his love and attention freely, he’ll be open with his feelings, so keep an eye out for this. An example of how he’ll do this is by sending you a text after the date to tell you what an amazing time he had. But he might also thank you for the date, which means he’s really thanking you for meeting him and giving him your time.

This is heartwarming because it shows how much he enjoys the time he’s spent with you, but it’s also a classic sign of a Giver: he doesn’t take you for granted and will show you how much he values you.

This is a great quality to look for in a boyfriend! He views time with you as special and wants to be sure you know he’s grateful for it. It’s enough to make you swoon because being in a relationship with a Giver means he’s going to show his love without hesitation and treat every minute with you as special. He’s not the type of guy who’ll get used to having you around or stop appreciating you.

20. Giver: He Does Good Things For Loved Ones

When you start dating someone, it’s easy to get into the habit of noticing how he treats you and behaves around you, and then deciding if he’s boyfriend potential based on that. This is good, but you should also notice how he treats other people in his life as this can provide you with important clues to his personality. Remember: how the guy treats other people is how he’ll end up treating you once he gets comfortable in your relationship.

So, you want to be sure that he’s a decent, loving person with his loved ones. A Giver will be successful in other relationships in his life, which show that he knows how to treat people with respect and love. You might see evidence of this by how he phones his mom to check in with her or how he makes it a priority to visit his brother who lives in another state. When you see that he cares for other people in his life, that’s a good sign that you’re dealing with someone who’s nurturing. It’s worrying if a guy’s relationships are filled with drama and hostility because it says something negative about him, such as that he might be toxic. Givers, however, spread the love all over their lives!

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