15 Sure Signs He’s A Giver And 10 That Show He’s A Toxic Taker

23. Giver: He Focuses On Your Needs

A Giver is someone who doesn’t only think about his own needs. He cares about others and will want to focus on your needs when dating you. Although this will be on display more as you get to know him, you can tell your date’s a Giver right from the start of your relationship because he’ll be paying attention to your needs from the minute he meets you. An example is by checking that you’re having a good time on dates with him.

He’ll want to be sure that the date activity is fun for you, that you’re comfortable and happy, and so on.

It’s these little behaviors that show you how he’s tuning in to what you need to be satisfied. Not just focusing on the words you say, a Giver will also pay attention to your body language for signs that you’re content or not. If you’re not as happy as you could be, the Giver will make it his business to fix the situation. For example, if the food you ordered at a restaurant isn’t up to scratch, he’ll call the waiter and order you something better. Being around a Giver means that you feel loved and cared for.

22. Taker: He Talks About Himself

Imagine this scenario: you’re on a date with someone and all he wants to do is talk about himself. He doesn’t ask you many questions. Rather, he just wants to go on and on about his dreams, goals, life, job, and everything else. He loves having your attention. When you try to slip a word or two into the conversation, he’s quick to pull the spotlight back onto himself. It’s exhausting!

A Taker is someone who’s selfish and focuses on his own needs. He loves being the center of attention and only cares about what he has to say. If a guy is showing you early on that he wants to dominate the conversation, it’s a huge red flag that he could be toxic to date. If you enter into a relationship with him, he’s likely to continue this behavior, especially because people become more comfortable with each other the longer they date. This means you’ll never get the chance to talk to him about your life and problems and receive his support. It also means that you’ll end up feeling ignored and undervalued in the relationship because he’s not giving you his attention and time. That’s definitely not the kind of relationship you deserve because it’s a lonely one.

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