15 Sure Signs He’s A Giver And 10 That Show He’s A Toxic Taker

4. Taker: He Asks You For Money

The Taker has no shame to tell you he’s going through a tough time and needs money to help him through. But he’ll be really sneaky about it. He might throw on the waterworks and tell you that he’s really struggling to pay rent in an attempt to make you feel sorry for him. Meanwhile, he might be using that money for other things he wants to do, such as go clubbing with his friends.

If a guy’s going to try to zap you of your financial resources, he’ll probably do this after a short while of dating, once he feels that he’s charmed you. It might start with small amounts, such as asking if you can pay for dinner because he’s run out of money, but then it might end up being more. He might ask you if you can pay for his gas because he can’t get to work or if you can give him some cash to help him get through the rest of the month. If he’s always got a sob story for why he needs the money, this should alert you to the fact that he’s using you! A classic thing the Taker will tell you is that he’ll pay you back as soon as he can, but guess what? He never does.

3. Giver: He Isn’t Afraid To Apologize

Sooner or later, the person you’re dating will do something to upset you. They might not mean to do it, it could be a misunderstanding, or they could have made a mistake. Whatever the case, they have to be man enough to say that they’re sorry and ask for your forgiveness. If it happens that the person you’re dating has upset you and you tell them about it, you can tell that they’re a Giver by how easily they’ll apologize.

The Giver is in tune with his feelings so he’ll take time to figure out what he did wrong.

Since he has lots of empathy for others, he’ll be able to see your perspective on things and try to understand why you’re upset about his actions or behavior. These are important. A lack of empathy in a boyfriend can be a troublesome thing. In an article on the Independent, Simon Baron-Cohen, a professor of developmental psychopathology from the University of Cambridge, states that empathy is the ability to identify what someone else is feeling. It’s also about responding to their feelings and thoughts with a feeling that’s appropriate. If someone doesn’t have empathy, they see others as nothing more than objects. So, since a Giver has empathy, he’ll show you remorse when he sees that he’s upset you, which makes you feel valued and respected.

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