15 Sure Signs He’s A Giver And 10 That Show He’s A Toxic Taker

6. Giver: He Brings Energy To Dates

It’s important to pay attention to how you feel after being with someone on a date as this can give you insights into whether they’re good for you or not, as well as if they’ll bring value to your life. After a date with a Giver, you’re likely to go back home feeling like you’re on top of the world. You’ll have lots of energy. This is because of the good energy that a Giver brings to a date. He’s often positive, fun to be around, and stimulates your mind with conversation.

You always feel invigorated around him and want to be around him even more! On the other hand, someone who’s toxic will make you feel like the life is drawn out of you by the end of the date. You might feel tired, lack energy, and maybe even have physical symptoms, such as a headache from listening to them moan or complain the entire time. Since Givers are focused on making others happy, they bring their best selves to the date but it’s done in such a way that feels authentic. You don’t feel like they’re being too friendly or charming to try to get you to like them. They’re just that way naturally, and it brings lots of positive vibes to your life.

5. Giver: He’s Nice To People He Doesn’t Need Anything From

While you’re checking that the person you’re dating is kind to other important people in his life, such as his friends and family members, you should also notice what he’s like with people he doesn’t know. In fact, this is especially important when it comes to people from whom he can’t get anything. How does he treat the waiter at a restaurant? How does he treat a homeless man who crosses his path? How does he treat the janitor at his college or place of work?

Sometimes people treat those they can get something from with lots of respect, only to disrespect people who can’t give them anything they need.

That’s troubling because it means that they’re fake and have the tendency to be cruel, such as by thinking they’re better than others. The Giver, however, will treat everyone in the same way, whether it’s a waiter or his best friend. He’ll offer respect and kindness wherever he goes. When you see this behavior from your date, you’ll know that he’s worth your time because you want to be with someone who’s genuine and kind. You’ll also feel that he’s not just being nice to you because he’s hoping to get into a relationship with you – he’s interested in something real and honest.

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