15 Sure Signs He’s A Giver And 10 That Show He’s A Toxic Taker

8. Giver: He Puts Your Needs Ahead Of His

Being in a relationship is about compromise. Sometimes you have to think of your partner’s needs and put them ahead of your own. You can’t have a healthy relationship if you’re only concentrating on getting your needs met – a relationship like that will crash and burn sooner rather than later. A Giver is focused on putting your needs ahead of his. If he invites you out to a boat-sailing date and you battle with seasickness, he’ll change the plan without any hesitation.

He’s not the type to try to persuade you to do things his way. He’d rather you both feel comfortable and happy. You can also tell that someone’s focused on your needs early on in a relationship by how they want you to succeed. So, for example, when you share your goals and dreams with someone early on in dating, you can tell he’s a Giver by how he’ll encourage you to go for what you want in life. A selfish or negative person, on the other hand, will try to make their dreams more important than yours. The Giver is all about loving you just the way you are and being your number one supporter.

7. Taker: He Is Super Critical Of Others

The Taker likes to complain about other people a lot. He’ll confide in you about how people in his life are always mistreating him. It might feel nice that he’s opening up to you, but if all he has to say about others is negative, that’s a huge red flag. The Taker is critical of what others do. He has high expectations for how he wants to be treated, which is funny because he doesn’t try to meet their expectations! He will tell you how his best friend doesn’t have an ounce of loyalty, or that his co-worker could do with some more ambition, but he never sees the good in people.

He’s not the type to give the benefit of the doubt.

When you try to make him see the other person’s perspective, he shuts you down and sticks to his guns. He’s quick to label people negatively, meanwhile, he gets really sensitive when people call him names. In his mind, the Taker is a great, loving, and brilliant person. Dating someone who thinks they’re perfect is difficult because it means he’ll never apologize or see what he did wrong. In addition, he’ll always turn the blame onto you or find faults with your actions. It can really damage your self-esteem.

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