15 Sure Signs He’s A Giver And 10 That Show He’s A Toxic Taker

10. Taker: He Calls Himself A Giver

When people say something positive about themselves, it’s good to pay attention. Often, when someone does this, it means that they think highly about themselves. Or, they’re actually trying to make you think that they’re something they’re not. For example, if a guy keeps saying that he’s kind of a wonderful boyfriend, you might find in time that he’s not really kind or great at dating at all. He might only have been saying that to try to make you think he was kind of a wonderful catch so that you’d date him. It’s the same thing when a date tells you that he’s a Giver.

You have to ask yourself: why would he have to advertise the fact? If he were really a Giver, his behavior would show it without him having to notify you. For instance, he would be loving and nurturing, and these qualities would be visible for you to see. He would be confident to let his actions speak for themselves, without trying to tell you what you should think of him. A guy who has to tell you he’s a Giver is probably not one at all, so beware if he keeps insisting that he is!

9. Giver: He Makes You A Priority

Ever been in a relationship with someone who made you feel like you were last on their list? It was like you had to beg for them to take the time to call or see you because they always had other things on their to-do lists, such as work or seeing their friends. It totally sucks. To prevent that from happening to you, you need to pay attention to how much place the person you’re dating gives you in his life.

You want to feel that you have an important place in their life, not just that they’re giving you a small slice of it.

A man who does that isn’t interested in investing in a relationship with you. You can spot a Giver by how he makes you know you’re a priority in his life from the beginning of your relationship. He’ll show this in various ways, such as by planning dates ahead of schedule. By doing this, he shows you that he makes time for you. Another sign is how he’ll introduce you to his friends and family. This is his way of including you in his life. Being around a Giver makes you feel that he’s giving you VIP access to all parts of his life – he’s got nothing to hide from you!

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