15 Stories of Celebs That Totally Fine With Friends Dating Their Exes

11. Joe Jonas

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Way before singer Joe Jonas began dating supermodel Gigi Hadid, he was connected to Demi Lovato.

While he isn’t dating Wilmer Valderrama, Demi’s current long-time boyfriend, they do have a serious bromance going on.

At first, Demi wasn’t so cool with their friendship. In an ultra-honest interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she revealed, “Nick [Jonas] and Wilmer get along great — Joe and Wilmer too. It’s weird. In the beginning, I was like, ‘Why the f*** are you friends with Joe?’ He was like, ‘He’s a cool guy.’ Yeah, I know. I dated him.”

Luckily, Lovato has since gotten used to it, with the guys remaining close friends and Wilder seemingly becoming closer and closer to putting a ring on her.

10. Jennifer Aniston

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Since their days on the hit show, “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have been best friends on and off the screen. However, as it often happens in Hollywood, they both have dated the same men.

This was the case with Counting Crows frontman, Adam Duritz who dated Jennifer briefly in 1995. In a back-to-back move, he dated Courteney soon after. The relationship didn’t last long and it clearly didn’t affect the girls’ friendship as Courteney recently served as Maid-of-Honour during Jennifer’s secret July wedding.

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