10 Mani Pedi Trends To Follow And 10 To Forget, According to Experts

4. What To Follow: Square Acrylic Matte


If you’re working in a professional environment where you’re expected to use a lot of machinery, computer keyboards or even smart screens, you’re going to need to reel in the length of your nails and make sure to set a professional tone with the polish. While the summer months are meant for bright colors, you shouldn’t have nails that are so long they interfere with the speed and accuracy of your typing.

Stick with a simple square acrylic look with a nice matte color.

This will boost the look of your manicure exponentially and is guaranteed to receive a few compliments.

3. What To Forget: Duck Feet Nails


It isn’t difficult to see where these nails got their inspiration from. While duck feet aren’t the cutest, to begin with, it’s important to note that duck feet nails are just as unsightly. They may be fun for a costume or particular look that was bigger a few years ago, but today nails such as these are going to get more than one side glance and not because people are admiring them. If you want something edgy and trendy, try playing with the designs, not the shape, of your nails. You just might come across something that not only looks nice but also fulfills that creative and artistic streak of yours.

2. What To Follow: Embellished Cuticles


This simple but somehow elegant and mesmerizing look can be easily accomplished with two-tone, single colors or more.

Go through your giant collection of nail polish and choose the colors that would not only stand out but would also match the majority of your outfits.

Much like the single line minimalist look, these cuticle designs will move as your nails grow, giving you the option of filling in the gaps or simply watching as they make their way to the tips. Either way, they’re pretty to look at and they’re a fun twist on coloring the tips of your nails.

1. What To Forget: Cat Claw Nails


If you’re preparing to dress like a cat for a costume party or want to play the role of a villain in a play, go for this look, otherwise, it’s time to drop it. Not only can it be intimidating but they can also serve as a hazard to yourself and others. Also known as the stiletto nails, these sharp-looking claws are known for a more than a few cons. According to nailshapes.org, the tips break off with very little pressure, due to the shape. They catch quickly and break just as easily. They also require acrylics or they won’t be able to retain their shape. Not all women appreciate this because it is high maintenance, so take advantage of this year’s trends and stick with the shorter square, round or oval shapes.

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