10 Mani Pedi Trends To Follow And 10 To Forget, According to Experts

8. What To Follow: White Backgrounds And Rainbow Foregrounds


There have always been variations of these ideas but the white background is a perfect look for any bright foreground.

Of course, this look would be just as appealing with a black base color, but since summer is upon us, it’s better to go with white.

You want to make sure to wow with your nails regardless of your outfit, and unless you’re planning on wearing dark colors all summer, you’re better off with this white backdrop and gorgeous rainbow wave foreground. You don’t need to stick with waves either – try some polka dots, simple flowers or checkered tips too!

7. What To Forget: Chevrons


Chevrons had their time in the sun, but that time is over now. Much like the geometric lines, chevrons appear too busy this summer. If you want to keep up with the trends, step away from detailed designs. You can keep a chevron or two, but don’t cover your nails in them – it’ll take a long time to paint and it’ll pull attention away from your outfit.

This summer, nails are all about complimenting your clothing, not taking center stage. If you insist on some form of chevrons in your wardrobe, we suggest having them in the form of accessories, not nails.

6. What To Follow: Simple Flowers On Toes


When you go in for your next pedicure, consider your polish design options. There are plenty of go-to designs, but few are as sleek and simple as a french tip pedicure with a single bud or tiny cluster of flowers on your big toenail.

These flowers and designs make for small but worthy statement art.

Pairing a simple sandal with this pedicure will still make your look pop and it can go well with nearly any outfit as well! Don’t settle for a plain Jane look – add a splash of pastel color and sit back while the compliments come rushing in.

5. What To Forget: Dark Toe Tips


Even if you have an adorable design, don’t go with dark tips for your toes unless it’s winter and the tips are all that will show through your shoes. Dark tips tend to make the nail look dirty, or in this case, makes them look like they can only match a very select outfit. Don’t limit yourself with gaudy designs – let your nails breathe a little and take in some vibrant colors. It’s easier to maintain nails that are a single color and the simplistic look is what’s going on this year anyway. If you truly can’t live without your dark tips, we understand, but please consider something more appropriate for the summer months.

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