10 Mani Pedi Trends To Follow And 10 To Forget, According to Experts

12. What To Follow: Summer Polka Dots


Polka dots are always trendy, and these cute tiny ones are perfect for this summer! A white background is always nice and neon colors are a great addition to make them pop!

While polka dots are also popular among children and adults alike, keep in mind neon is in this year, so nearly any neon design will work.

If you want to do the faded gradient or neon checkerboard french nail look, it’ll work just fine, as will flower petals. If you’ve never done neon polka dots, think about your favorite outfits, find some complementary neon shades, and give it a try this year.

11. What To Forget: Bubble Nails


Anything that makes you look like you’ve got abnormal growths should not be a fashion goal. Bubble nails live up to their name in that they appear to be colorful bubbles resting on the tips of your fingers.

The trend appeared back in 2015 and didn’t get very far, mainly because they’re so high-maintenance and difficult to get just right. In fact, a blogger from The Gloss attempted to wear them for a day and was met with many stares, a few double-takes, and laughter from her friends. Don’t make the same mistake she did – stay away from bubble nails.

10. What To Follow: Single Band


If you’re into the minimalist look, you’ll love the single-band look recommended by Glamour. They call it the “Single Moon Band” and love the blank space look.

It’s a simple design that doesn’t require the amount of time and upkeep most other designs require.

If you want, you can even let your nails grow out and watch as the line makes its way to the tip of your fingernail. Want to try a different variation? Apply one or two thin lines near the cuticle on all or a few fingers, then sit back and watch as it changes on its own.

9. What To Forget: Geometric Lines


Geometric patterns have always been fun and fabulous designs, but that doesn’t mean they’re “in” this year. In fact, when talking about nail trends for 2018, geometric designs don’t appear at all. The minimalist look and matte designs reign supreme, as do bright neons and simple flowers.

If you want to use a geometric design, of course, you absolutely can enjoy them, but it’s okay to try something fresh this year. Instead of focusing on the lines and colors within them, try to pull back a bit and make your nails look less busy. The end result will look trendy and ease your maintenance requirements.

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