10 Mani Pedi Trends To Follow And 10 To Forget, According to Experts

20. What To Follow: Petal Nails


According to Glamour, petal nail designs are in this summer. They’re super cute and can come in several versatile colors and designs. You can paint them yourself or go to a nice salon for a more professional look.

Even though floral designs are out this summer in terms of clothing prints, they’re still definitely in style for nail art!

In fact, many would argue petal designs will never go out of style for nail art – especially if the colors are appropriate for the season. If petals are a little too much for you this summer, don’t worry; there are still plenty of other “in” designs to choose from this summer.

19. What To Forget: 3D Petal Nails


While petals can be cute designs on your nails, their 3D counterparts don’t make for such a great look. They often make nails appear too busy and can get caught on things, forcing bits to break off from your nails or snag and hurt your finger.

While these aren’t reasons to let go of the trend, they are good reasons to rethink whether they’re appropriate for your lifestyle. If you’re expected to work in a clean environment, washing your nails can be more difficult than washing nails adorned with simple polish and designs. If you have free reign, of course, you can still enjoy your 3D look, but don’t expect to see many others partaking in that particular style this summer.

18. What To Follow: Checkerboard French Nails


French tips have been big for several years now. They were initially introduced to help make your nails look clean and healthy, but now there are several variations of the look, many of which include an artistic twist. In this little twist, you create what might at first appear to be a normal French tip look, but instead of the solid white line across the tips, make half the nail tip black.

This creates a checkerboard look, and it just so happens that checkers are in.

As PopSugar announced, check print is going to be all the rage this summer.

17. What To Forget: Plaid Tips


Plaid prints are fading out of style this summer, meaning your plaid print nails aren’t going to look as fashionable as you might want them to. While they’re still impressive to look at, they’re just not in season anymore.

There’s a small battle going on in the fashion world with some claiming plaid is still going strong while others are insisting it’s starting to get boring. Of course, whatever you decide in the end will depend on your personal taste, but if you’re going to go with the checkered print look this summer, don’t mix it with plaid print nails.

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